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Although Option 2 won the vote, we want to keep Towny and try for one last time to keep the current server. It will not be resetting for the time being. Please continue playing and do not expect a change.

We will be making several changes to the server over the next week. The changes so far are listed below.

  • Slimefun - Over 500 additional items! Type /sf guide in game for information on how to use then.
  • ArmorPlus and WeaponsPlus removed a result, use the items in Slimefun.
  • Towns are now free to create (Upkeep costs the same)
  • Members can now use TPA on a 1 hour cooldown.


blazes99 So when it does come to the time that we can do the reset are we still keeping our ranks as well
Potqto Member  registered to The BlockShed
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Geared1 MEGAwhat happened to the server?
Jordan44 Owner  What do you mean?
Geared1 MEGA  all day the server said it was off line, working now
UKXtreme LEGEND Donor  added 4 Advanced days to The BlockShed
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UKXtreme LEGEND Donori'm here to formally announce that heather sucks
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jay2434 UBER Donatorwould resetting the server bring more people back, i have had a decent break but would be willing to play again if it reset so i could build up a town or something and make shops :d
jay2434 UBER Donator  tbh thats what i have been hoping for since i saw the post about it possibly happening
Jordan44 Owner  We'll see out this map until about Christmas time when it's a year old and go from there.
Insanely_bug   registered to The BlockShed
DQuaN LEGEND DonorI can't connect to the server...
~♥Anika♥~ Moderator  good news! it wasnt us or the server, it was a host issue that has been resolved! Thanks, Jordan!
ShadowGraves LEGEND DonorAnika is digging too fast. The server can't handle it.
~♥Anika♥~ Moderator  it just restarted
Rebel_Ratchet Member DonorWell everyone today is the last day of blockshed for me most likely, I am leaving because 95% of the players don't like me and the 5% are only the ones that got stuff in my dp, and people who only like me for the dp and all that, don't like me I honestly don't want anyone to like me for giveaways I want people to like me to be a friend, I am leaving since also The staff hate me no matter what they say they only say that to get a player on blockshed and the reason they hate me is some of these reasons, They think I am whinny, a rule breaker, a begger, an annoying kid, doesn't know grammar etc. Next, Before you say, "Your acting like and kid because your quitting" I have this to say to that, I guess I am, is there a problem being a kid? Goodbye blockshed and sorry for ruining this server.
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Rebel_Ratchet Member Donor  Jordan44, How am I seeking attention. I am letting people know the reasons of why I am leaving also letting them know that I am leaving.
Jordan44 Owner  I think it's quite clear that you are attention seeking.
Rebel_Ratchet Member Donor  I am sorry I am letting people know that I am leaving.
BungBo Moderator  added 90 Advanced days to The BlockShed
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Jordan44 Owner  giphy.gif
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