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Although Option 2 won the vote, we want to keep Towny and try for one last time to keep the current server. It will not be resetting for the time being. Please continue playing and do not expect a change.

We will be making several changes to the server over the next week. The changes so far are listed below.

  • Slimefun - Over 500 additional items! Type /sf guide in game for information on how to use then.
  • ArmorPlus and WeaponsPlus removed a result, use the items in Slimefun.
  • Towns are now free to create (Upkeep costs the same)
  • Members can now use TPA on a 1 hour cooldown.


PJBeech Veteran Is server dead?
blazes99 So when it does come to the time that we can do the reset are we still keeping our ranks as well
DQuaN LEGEND DonorSlimefun is broken.
DQuaN LEGEND Donor  Hellooooo?!!
ShadowGraves LEGEND Donor...There was definitely a rainbow sheep party at my house...
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Jordan44 OwnerThe server will be down tonight for a few hours while we perform some maintenance.
Jordan44 Owner  This will be extended to tomorrow afternoon.
ShadowGraves LEGEND Donor  I liked this just so I could then unlike it.
Jordan44 Owner  We're back. Let me know if you spot any problems.
PJBeech Veteran  registered to The BlockShed
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DjTruiph Member  registered to The BlockShed
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_Herro Member  registered to The BlockShed
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Jordan44 OwnerBlockShed have completed the signing of former admin Hawwy Bawwy! More to follow....
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hawwybawwy Admin  Please, my name is Harry, not hawwybawwy
zafzal3 LEGENDMap Removed?
Jordan44 Owner  Wasn't getting much use and it's a pain on resources.
Jordan44 OwnerServer back online.
ShadowGraves LEGEND DonorWill mayors be given a carryover to the new world? (money/prep time)
NyanBanaan   Why would we vote when we know there's a chance you will overrule it? It makes no sense letting a community vote to then say sike we're going to do whatever we want anyways
Jordan44 Owner  The vote is always followed. The last one was cancelled due to extenuating circumstances.
Jordan44 Owner  All will become clearer in due course.
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